Heritage Conservation Engineering

Heritage and historic buildings should be safeguarded against ageing and other external threats via robust, evidence and observation based conservation strategies. Conservation of these priceless buildings and archaeological sites not only contributes to the preservation of our cultural heritage but also ensures that the technical knowledge they embody will not be lost. To achieve this, EPICentre's conservation engineering team works on condition assessment of historic buildings, diagnosis of structural and material damage, performance appraisal, using a multi hazard approach. Such hazards  include seismicity and climate-induced threats such as flooding, wind-driven rain and thermal loading. EPICentre staff employ their expertise on a wide range of tools and methods including, but not limited to, on-site surveys, non-destructive techniques, laboratory testing, computer modelling, dynamic testing, and environmental monitoring. 

EPICentre staff have worked on a multitude of historic buildings and sites around the world from the UK to Italy, Turkey, Algeria, Jordan, Nepal and the Philippines. Based on our holistic approach, tailored case-specific strengthening and retrofitting solutions are developed on a case by case basis. For the retrofit of historic rubble masonry churches exposed to seismic hazard we have developed in collaboration with industry a patented dissipative device to be mounted with metallic ties.

Stormlamp: Protecting our lighthouses for the safety of mariners

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