Pooneh Shah Malekpoor

PhD Student
Email: pooneh.shahmalekpoor.19@ucl.ac.uk 


I am a civil engineer graduated from University of Guilan in Iran (2010). I hold a MSc in Marine Structures from the same university (2013) and currently doing my PhD at UCL regarding the seismic stochastic analysis of slopes considering a pseudo-static (PS) approach under the guidance of Susana Lopez-Querol, my supervisor, and Carmine Galasso, my second supervisor.

To be more specific about my research, a PS approach is commonly used as the first stage in the regular assessment of seismic slope stability due to its efficiency as well as simplicity (compared to rigorous dynamic one), thus led to the development of several PS slope stability charts. However, the spatial variability of PS coefficient has not been considered so far in the realm of PS analyses, meaning that the value of the seismic coefficient is assumed to be constant at every location within a field while this is not true in the real case. The consideration of variation of the PS coefficient is especially relevant to landslides in wide areas.

My research goal is developing seismic stochastic slope stability design charts reflecting the simultaneous effect of spatial variability of the PS coefficient and soil properties.