Randolph Carl Borg


Name    Randolph Carl Borg

             PhD student

Email    r.borg@ucl.ac.uk

Area of Research / Academic Interests

My PhD study focuses on the assessment of structures subject to earthquake loading.

Many design and assessment methodologies have been developed to ensure a better performance of structures under seismic loading. These methods have evolved from limit state analysis [only serviceability and ultimate states are checked], to multiple state assessments [the states are related to structural, economic or life-safety performance criteria under increasing levels of earthquake actions]. The key to these methods is the definition of a relationship between desired performance and a corresponding level of damage or structural safety.

The study aims to develop more rationalised tools that can enhance the quantification of structural damage caused by earthquakes, with particular focus on assessment procedures, engineering demand parameters (EDPs), damage indices and damage scales.

Other general research interests include Soil Structure Interaction (SSI) of foundations and retaining walls.

Keywords / Tags

Damage Indices, Engineering Demand Parameters, Cyclic tests, Performance based assessment, Reinforced Concrete Structures