Multi-hazard and Risk-informed System for Enhanced Local and Regional Disaster Risk Management

16 February 2024

This webinar provides a detailed summary of the HORIZON Europe project, MEDiate, highlighting the novelty and added value of the key exploitable results.

MEDiate Lecture 1

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7 March 2024, 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm (UK time)

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MEDiate is a HORIZON Europe project with the main objective to contribute to improving disaster risk management and governance. The project is developing a decision-support system (DSS) for disaster risk management considering multiple interacting natural hazards and cascading impacts using a novel resilient-informed and service-oriented approach that accounts for forecasted modifications in the natural hazards, vulnerability, and exposure. The MEDiate DSS is designed to provide key disaster management actors with the ability to build accurate scenarios to model the potential impact of their mitigation and adaptation risk management actions. The scenarios, which can be customized to reflect local conditions and needs, will be based on a combination of the historical record and future projections and changes in natural hazard conditions to forecast the location and intensity of the natural hazards related disaster events and to predict their impacts, including cascading impacts, on the vulnerability of the local physical, economic and social systems. The MEDiate project involves a multi-disciplinary team of risk engineers, geophysical and meteorological scientists, social scientists, information technologists and actors in disaster management, working together to ensure that the project is properly addressing the stakeholders’ needs and the MEDiate-DSS system is supported by appropriate technology.


Dr. Abdelghan Meslem

Coordinator of the MEDiate Project



Dr. Abdelghani Meslem is the coordinator of the MEDIate project, a Senior Research Engineer at NORSAR, a Norwegian research institute within the field of geoscience, and also affiliated to the (NMBU) as an Associate Professor in Structural Dynamics. Dr. Meslem earned his PhD in earthquake engineering from Chiba University, Japan, and he has been involved in various international projects related to seismic resilience and risk assessment studies; development and implementation of earthquake-disaster risk reduction and mitigation measurements; development of guidelines document, software and tools for risk assessment. Dr. Meslem has substantial experience in collaboration projects within industry, academia and governmental organizations.