Summer course in Universidad de Los Andes (Colombia): Structural Vulnerability and Resilience

15 June 2023

A summer course entitled "Structural Vulnerability and Resilience" will be offered by Prof. Dina D’Ayala, UNESCO Chair in Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience Engineering, from June 26 to July 7 at Universidad de Los Andes in Bogotá.


The course has several strands: it introduces the concepts of risk and resilience of the built environment to earthquake and other natural hazards. It introduces the concept of loss mitigation at different scales and for different domains. It provides tools for the assessment of seismic behaviour of non-seismic designed structures, within the framework of Probabilistic Performance Based Assessment. It provides procedures and tools for the computation of their fragility and vulnerability.

It compares assessment approaches and safety requirements from different codes in earthquake prone countries worldwide. It presents traditional and novel strengthening techniques and technologies for seismic retrofitting. It develops criteria for the choice of appropriate strengthening interventions and methods for the detailed design of such interventions for a range of substandard structures, using the concepts of capacity based design and performance based design. It provides the tools to develop a probabilistic risk assessment to evaluate the benefits of the interventions in terms of losses reduction. Particular attention is paid to Reinforced Concrete Structures and Unreinforced Masonry Structures.

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