Turkey-Syria Earthquake: EPICentre in the news

11 February 2023

On 6th February 2023, two consecutive Mw 7.8 and 7.5 earthquake events struck near the Turkey-Syria border. EPICentre is actively investigating the disaster to clearly understand what happened, and what lessons can be drawn to improve resilience to future seismic events.

Turkey extends over a seismically active region, and therefore has long relationship with large magnitude earthquakes. In 1999, a Mw 7.6 earthquake event in the country led to significant changes in national building practice, to improve earthquake resistant design. The national seismic hazard map, which forms the basis of building design, shows a high expected-level of ground motion in the earthquake-struck Kahramanmaraş region. Whilst the events on February 6th would have pushed the limits of a seismically-designed building, the observed damage severity raises concerns over building quality, compliance with building codes, and preparedness planning. Meanwhile, years of conflict in Syria has severely hampered the natural hazard resilience of affected regions, leaving people vulnerable to such high-magnitude earthquake events. The current political situation also poses a significant challenge to emergency relief, as well as post-disaster recovery efforts.

Professor Dina D'Ayala, Professor Tiziana Rossetto, and Dr Yasemin Didem Aktas from EPICentre have been interviewed on the disaster by news organisations, including: Al Jazeera, Anadolu Agency (AA), the BBC, Channel 4, CNN International, Deutsche Welle (DW), Financial Times, NTV (Turkey), RTL Nieuws, Sky News, and TRT World. Available links are provided below, and further updates will follow.

Anadolu Agency

11th February 2023

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CNN International

10th February 2023

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NTV (Turkey)

9th February 2023

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BBC Newsnight 

9th February 2023 (between 1:27 and 3:33)

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Sky News

9th February 2023 (between 0:55 and 1:16)

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