Prof Dina D’Ayala Keynote Speaker at the 8th Euro-American Congress REHABEND 2020

29 September 2020

Professor Dina D’Ayala Keynote Speaker at the 8th Euro-American Congress REHABEND 2020 – Construction, Pathology, Rehabilitation Technology and Heritage Management



On the 29th of October 2020 Prof Dina D’Ayala delivered her keynote lecture entitled A procedure for multi-hazard risk assessment of historic buildings, to a virtually gathered audience spanning from Europe to Latin America. Focussing on the case study of heritage assets in the Philippines, struck by the M 7.2 earthquake in Bohol and the Typhoon Haiyan, in 2013, the talk shows the outcome of a project sponsored by the World Bank in collaboration with the Universities of De La  Salle and St. Tomas. For a number of heritage architectural complexes, in the care of the National Historic Commission and The National Museum Commission, the project developed an overarching framework to evaluate the compounded risk associated to flood, wind and seismic hazards, determined by employing correlated single-hazard vulnerability assessment procedures, harmonised at the risk level.

Based on a probabilistic approach the methodology produces a qualitative assessment of the level of risk for each asset and for each hazard type, striking a balance between accurate and detailed data gathering,  o fully characterise exposure and vulnerability of each asset, and simplified computational procedures, applicable to a large number of assets.  The risk matrix produced, allows the decision makers to allocate resources and prioritize mitigation measures on the basis of realistic failure modes.