SCOSSO Mobile App

10 October 2019

The mobile application allows Rapid Visual Surveying and Real Time Vulnerability Assessment of School Infrastructure against multi-hazards such as Strong Wind, Flood and Earthquakes.


The Rapid Visual Survey procedures and tools are developed to swiftly monitor and identify the hazardous buildings. Using these methods, any structure may be assessed from its exterior without the benefit of building entry, detailed structural drawings or any complex analysis.
To swiftly determine the safety level of the surveyed buildings, the collected data from the rapid visual survey are related to vulnerability indices, tailored for various hazards, where higher values indicate the more vulnerable cases which need further detailed assessment.
The developed mobile application represents an initial step toward a detailed multi-hazard vulnerability assessment of school infrastructure. This can allow decision-makers to quickly identify the most vulnerable structures among the surveyed stock, guide more detailed data collection and structural assessment procedures and ultimately plan further retrofitting measures or if necessary replacement of the infrastructures.

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SCOSSO Mobile App Features

  • Instance multi-hazard vulnerability estimation,
  • Instant data extraction to spread sheet,
  • High precision location indicator,
  • Built-in Photo Organiser,
  • Full Offline Capabilities,
  • Instant data sharing,
  • Input confidence indicator,
  • Cloud backup of all surveyed data,
  • User-friendly interface & easy to use,
  • Photographic user manual and guideline,
  • Support for different output formats (.xls, .csv).

Download SCOSSO Mobile App (via Google Play Store)

Designed by Dr Arash Nassirpour & Dr Carmine Galasso
Developed by Federico Fregosi

Funded by

  • i-RESIST - Increasing REsilience of Schools in Indonesia to earthquake Shaking and Tsunami (Research England + UCL Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) Small Research Grants)
  • Safer and Resilient Communities through Safer and Resilient School Facilities (Motorola Solution Foundation)
  • SCOSSO - Safer Communities thrOugh Safer SchOols (EPSRC + UCL Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) Small Research Grants)
  • PRISMH - Philippines Resilience of Schools to Multi-Hazards (British Council, Newton Fund Institutional Links Grants)
  • iNSPIRE - Indonesia School Programme to Increase Resilience (British Council, Newton Fund Institutional Links Grants)