CEGE-IRDR Workshop on Resilience of Power Systems | 27 March 2017 | Chadwick G08

16 February 2017

We are organising a joint CEGE-IRDR workshop on the resilience of power systems on the 27th of March, with the aim of having a fruitful discussion on grid resilience and the future of and challenges associated with renewable energy sources in the face of a changing climate, with a policy and industry focus.

We are hoping to have representatives from government organisations that are responsible for energy policy, and construction and maintenance of power systems, as well as from large energy companies, with the aim of providing exchange of knowledge and strengthen the network, opening possibilities of future collaboration. It also provides an opportunity for scientists and practitioners to address and discuss short and long term research gaps in the round-table discussion session.

The topics of the workshop are:

- Grid resilience and challenge of renewables

- Smart grids and climate-neutral cities

- Policy and industry solutions to sustainable grid development


14:00                   Introduction and key questions

15:00                   Round table discussions

16:00                   Q&A

Introduction and overview of key questions for sustainable grid development will be provided by Dr Julia Skene, who has seven years' experience in energy and utilities sectors, including retail, renewables, electricity transmission and distribution, smart grids and water sector. She previously worked at Gazprom as strategy advisor, manager and business developer, at the Department of Energy and Climate Change as policy advisor and at the Cambridge Centre for Energy Studies as a researcher.

In addition, Dr Martin Wilcox (Mott MacDonald), Prof Mark Barrett (UCL), Dr Ilan Kelman (UCL) and Mr Stephen Nash will be attending as panellists.

Please send comments and your availability to Dr Yasemin D Aktas at y.aktas@ucl.ac.uk.