Multi-Hazard Vulnerability of Priority Cultural Heritage Structures in the Philippines

30 March 2016

 From 7-10th March, Dina D'Ayala and Carmine Galasso delivered a successful training workshop in Manila, Philippines, on 'Multi-Hazard Vulnerability of Priority Cultural Heritage Structures in the Philippines'.

Multi-Hazard Vulnerability of Priority Cultural Heritage Structures in the Philippines

Dina presented her FaMIVE procedure to assess the earthquake vulnerability of historic buildings and Carmine demonstrated a method for typhoon vulnerability assessment for these structures.

Following the earthquake in Bohol and the Jolanda Typhoon in Cebu, the Department of Tourism of the Philippine Government has asked the World Bank for technical assistance in determining the multi-hazard vulnerability of built heritage in the two islands and in the historic centre of Manila.

Dina, Carmine and PhD student Valentina Putrino are part of the team lead by ARS Progetti (Roma, Italy), an international consulting firm which won the World Bank bid and are delivering the project, in collaboration with the Centre for Conservation of Cultural Property and Environment in the Tropics (CCCPET) - University of Santo Tomas, and the University of La Salle.

The project objectives are to develop official national guidelines and build capacity among the professionals for the systematic uptake of multi-hazard vulnerability assessment in projects related to the conservation of Philippines' built heritage. To this end, EPICentre has produced an ad-hoc procedure, using state-of-the-art international guidelines, and has developed tailored software tools which enable the implementation of the procedure.

This third mission of the project has consisted of a four-day workshop to train local engineers and architects on vulnerability assessment, from field data collection and processing to analytical procedures for earthquake and wind risk assessment, and direct training on the software.

The workshop has been very successful and the World Bank has now asked to repeat it in Cebu before the 6th Asia Conference on Earthquake Engineering (6ACEE) to be held there in September 2016. During the conference, Professor D'Ayala will deliver a keynote lecture on the outcomes of the project.

More pictures are available on Epicentre facebook page.