24th August 2016 Earthquake in Central Italy - damage map

24 August 2016

[UPDATE 06/09]  The

Epicentre Logo dropbox.com/s/ptkym6b7qb1xwk7/Earthquake%20RIETINO_24_08_16_ITALY.kml?dl=0" target="_self">damage map from Central Italy earthquake has been recently updated with many pictures and videos. For a thorough experience, download this folder and copy it in C:. Feel free to modify it and to send the amended version to e.verrucci@ucl.ac.uk. The copyright of images and videos shown in the map remains exclusive property of the original distributors. Specific sources can be found in the proprieties of each digital media here displayed.


A damage map  of the areas affected by the 6.0 ML earthquake in Central Italy is now available. The map shows typical damage typologies exhibited during the shaking. It can be opened with Google Earth and it will be updated as further data become available.