Ludovica Pieroni

PhD Student
Email: ludovica.pieroni.20@ucl.ac.uk


Ludovica is a PhD Student at the Civil, Environmental, and Geomatic Engineering Department (CEGE) of UCL. Her interests include the seismic design of resilient structures and the development of low-damage high-performance systems.

Her current research focuses on self-centering systems applied to steel structures. Her study aims to optimize, generalize and promote solutions for self-centering systems, improving steel structures' safety and resilience. Her work investigates the effectiveness, reliability, and robustness of these systems and includes the definition of modeling recommendations, design strategies, behavior factors, and safety coefficients.

Ludovica has a background in structures and seismic design. She obtained a Bachelor's Degree in civil and environmental engineering and a Master's Degree in structural engineering at the University of Ancona (Italy). She firstly joined UCL as a visiting Master's student when she received a scholarship for excellent academic records. In September 2020, she was awarded a full scholarship to pursue her PhD studies at UCL.