EPICentre Seminars - Seismic Analysis of Confined Masonry Buildings with Flexible Diaphragm

10 February 2021, 12:00 pm–1:00 pm


In this seminar Ms Ahsana Parammal from UCL EPICentre discusses Applied Element Method for Seismic Analysis of Confined Masonry Buildings with Flexible Diaphragms.

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Arash Nassirpour – UCL EPICentre / Department of Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering

Well-built confined masonry is proven to be a seismically resistant building typology. However, severe damage and collapse are reported when design and construction quality are compromised. Interestingly, non-engineered variations of typical confined masonry is very common around the world. This study presents an approach for seismic analysis of non-engineered confined masonry school buildings with flexible roofs. Challenges faced in characterizing seismic design levels of these buildings and analysing their available capacity, considering the flexible diaphragms, are discussed. Results of capacity and fragility curves are presented and their use in a Bayesian network for system performance assessment is introduced.

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Photo Credit: Ahsana Parammal

About the Speaker

Ahsana Parammal Vatteri

PhD Candidate at University College London - EPICentre

I am a final year PhD student in EPICentre-CEGE, working on the project ‘Vulnerability assessment of masonry school buildings to seismic and flood hazards using Bayesian Network approach’. The project proposes an approach to carry out multi-hazard vulnerability assessment of confined masonry buildings with flexible diaphragms on a systems level. I work part-time on consultancy projects related to seismic safety assessment of schools. I also serve as a part-time officer at the Students’ Union representing students with caring responsibilities.  More about Ahsana Parammal Vatteri