Chen Huang

Name Chen Huang

             PhD student

Email    chen.huang.14@ucl.ac.uk

Chen Huang


Area of Research / Academic Interests

My research interests lie in seismic risk assessment and catastrophe modelling. My PhD research project is devoted to advancing probabilistic seismic hazard assessment in earthquake prone regions in China with the aims to, firstly, quantify the great deal of uncertainty about the location, size, and resulting shaking intensity of future earthquakes and, secondly, to combine these uncertainties to produce an explicit description of the distribution of future shaking that may occur at a site of interest.

I completed the Master degree at UCL in Earthquake Engineering with Disaster Management in 2015, ranking first in my cohort. My thesis focused on developing a set of updated ground motion prediction equations (GMPEs) for Mainland China to estimate the ground motion at any given site, taking into account the earthquake mechanism, magnitude, source-to-site distance, style of fault and site effect.

I was awarded Dean's Prize and UCL-CSC (China Scholarship Council) joint scholarship for Research degree at UCL.

Keywords / Tags

Earthquake Engineering, Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Assessment, Ground Motion Prediction Equations