Camila Parodi Figueroa

PhD Student
Email: camila.parodi.19@ucl.ac.uk


Camila is a civil engineer graduated from Universidad de Concepcion in Chile (2010). She holds a MSc in Architectural Conservation from the University of Edinburgh (2014) and she is a structural professor of Universidad de La Frontera in Chile, where she is a lecturer since 2016.

Camila joined EPICentre in December 2019 and is currently doing her PhD at UCL regarding structural fragility of heritage steel railway bridges considering a multi-hazard approach under the guidance of Dina D’Ayala, her supervisor, and Wendel Sebastian, her second supervisor. Since many of these types of structures are in use nowadays and they have been built more than 100 years ago, there is the necessity to properly identify those structures more vulnerable to suffer high damage due to different type of hazards that they could experience during their lifetime. Her PhD aims to develop a methodology to assess the fragility of historic steel railway bridges that considers the contribution of multiple bridge components and represent the bridge functionality levels considering multiple hazards (earthquake, scour and heavy traffic).