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Disclosure of Conflict and Declaration of Interest Policy

This policy helps UCL staff and doctoral students recognise activities that might lead to a perceived or actual conflict of interest, and understand how to manage these situations.


A conflict (real, potential or perceived) can occur when your personal interests, personal relationships or duties do, or appear to others to, compete with your obligations to UCL (as a member of staff or student).

This policy sets out how to recognise conflicts of interest, and what do you when there is a conflict.

All staff and doctoral students must disclose any actual, potential or perceived conflicts of interest.

Staff at grade 10 and over, and some other senior staff (as detailed in the policy), are also required to complete an annual declaration of interest.

Contents include

  • Background and context of the policy
  • Scope/who it applies to
  • Purpose and principles of the policy
  • The nature of conflicts and types of personal interest
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Disclosing and managing conflicts of interest
  • Conflict management plans
  • Annual declarations of external interests
  • Glossary

Who should read this policy

  • All staff 
  • PhD/doctoral students


Associated guidance

Last updated: Saturday, August 1, 2020