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New UCL spinout to apply next-generation technology to neurological clinical trials

27 May 2021

Queen Square Analytics will harness the latest image analysis technology to measure the effectiveness of treatments for conditions such as multiple sclerosis.

A reconstruction of a brain of a patient with multiple sclerosis

The new UCL spinout will be working with pharmaceutical companies to apply image analysis technology to help monitor the effectiveness of treatments in clinical trials.

Using the latest artificial intelligence and image processing expertise, the technology can provide a wealth of information for better understanding disease progression. It's now being used in trials to help analyse the effects of treatments on conditions such as multiple sclerosis.

The venture is a joint project involving researchers from Queen Square Multiple Sclerosis Centre at the UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology, and the UCL Centre for Medical Image Computing.

The spinout is led by Bruce Lynn, previously CEO at another UCL med-tech spinout, SmartTarget. He has a proven track record of taking research and helping to commercialise it at a pace that offers flexibility and responsiveness. 

Bruce said: “Queen Square Analytics assembles a team of world-class expertise in this area who can assist in analysing these large datasets best and draw insights in clinical trials. This combination mapped to the technology we're developing will help expedite clinical trials and result in greater societal benefits."

The new venture received commercialisation support and mentorship from UCLB, part of UCL Innovation & Enterprise. 

UCLB Business Manager Weng Sie Wong said: "The launch of Queen Square Analytics as a UCL spinout is testament to the effort the team has put into creating a commercial entity that can work within the pharmaceutical sector, as well as applying technology that can have life-changing benefits to those that live with multiple sclerosis.”

Read the full story on the UCLB website.


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Image of a reconstruction of a brain of a patient with multiple sclerosis, supplied by Queen Square Analytics