Innovation & Enterprise


What we do

Every day, across UCL, ideas are taking shape that could change all our lives. For that to happen, we need to get them out into the world. That’s why we’re here.

Sharing knowledge and making connections

We work with UCL staff and students, businesses of all shapes and sizes, government, NGOs and the third sector to turn brilliant ideas into solutions that could define our future. 

We do that through creating partnerships, giving academics access to funding, commercialising UCL technology, assisting consultancy, and helping UCL’s people think and act like entrepreneurs. 

As a team of specialists with both academic and industry backgrounds, we work with you to develop your ideas and skills. By doing this we help create change – improving the way people think, work and live.

A diverse team of experts

We have a talented team made up of specialists from all walks of life. We’ve been researchers in academia, from life sciences to engineering. We’ve created startups, and worked in big corporations, government agencies, the United Nations and EU bodies. We include entrepreneurs, consultants, auditors, and executive and non-executive board members.

Our team knows what it takes to get new ideas and enterprises off the ground. It’s our job to make it as easy as possible for people to engage with UCL, and UCL’s people to engage with organisations to challenge, think differently, and make real world impact.

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Our strategy 2016-21

We’re determined to build on our collective successes and create a real spirit of enterprise at UCL. To achieve this, we’re focusing on a number of priorities over the next five years.

Recognising achievements

Every year we celebrate our staff and students who’ve found a place for their idea in the world, through partnerships, startups and more. 

The UCL Provost’s Spirit of Enterprise Award is given to the individuals or teams who’ve impressed our judges with their innovation or enterprise.

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