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Disclosing and managing conflicts of interest training: accessible versions

Download an accessible version of UCL’s conflicts of interest training course. Learn how to recognise, disclose and manage conflicts of interest in your day-to-day role at UCL.

These accessible versions of the training are for anyone who is unable to use the interactive training course on UCL’s MyLearning platform.

Note that you should record completion of the training, following the instructions below.

Access the training

You’ll need your UCL credentials (user ID: ucyxxxx and password) to access either version.


Record that you’ve completed the training

Please email innovationpolicy@ucl.ac.uk to let us know when you’ve completed the training. You should include: 

  • your user ID  (ucyxxxx)
  • the title of the training you’ve completed

This will allow us to record completion on your HR records.

You may also wish to copy in your line manager, to make them aware that you’ve completed the training.

Please note, HR records will be updated once a month, so it may take up to a month for the training to be added to your HR record.