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Disclosing and managing conflicts of interest at UCL: Online training

Learn how to recognise, disclose and manage conflicts of interest in your day-to-day role at UCL with this online training course.

UCL’s mandatory training supports the university’s Disclosure of Conflict and Declaration of Interest Policy, which you should refer to for more information.

Training content

This training covers:

  • what a conflict of interest is and how to recognise one
  • who UCL’s policy applies to, and related responsibilities 
  • what to do in the event of a conflict of interest
  • what to do if an undisclosed conflict of interest is discovered
  • how to manage conflicts of interest 
  • how to make an annual declaration of external interests (if relevant to your role)

Who it’s for

This training is mandatory for all staff and doctoral students.

This includes anyone working at UCL, including honorary staff, emeritus staff, visiting staff, and the staff and directors of UCL’s subsidiary companies.

It also includes contractors and consultants, where conflicts have not already been appropriately managed through their own conflict management processes.


The training should take approximately 20 to 30 minutes to complete (depending on how many units you need to do, based on your role).

You don’t need to complete the training in one go as you can save your progress and return to it later.

Accessible versions

If you’re unable to use the interactive version of the training, accessible Word and audio versions are available.

Access the course

The training course is on UCL’s MyLearning platform, which ensures your completion is recorded in the HR system.

If accessing remotely, you'll need to use either the UCL VPN or Desktop@UCL Anywhere. Details of how to access Desktop@UCL are on the UCL ISD website.

(Use the step-by-step guide below if you'd like help accessing the training.)

Access the course

Step-by-step guide to accessing the course

You'll need to follow these steps to enrol on the training:

  1. Click on the 'Access the course’ button above to be taken to the course description on MyLearning
  2. Click ‘Enrol’ at the bottom of the page (it’s very small)
  3. Sign into MyLearning using your UCL credentials (user ID: ucyxxxxx and password)
  4. Click ‘here’ (towards the bottom of the page, under ‘Class link below’ heading) 
  5. Sign into Oracle with your UCL credentials
  6. If given the option to ‘choose a responsibility’ select ‘UCL My Learning’ (you may not have this option)
  7. Click ‘Enrol’ in top right corner of the screen
  8. Click ‘Review’ in top right corner (you can leave all fields on this page blank)
  9. Click ‘Submit’ in top right corner
  10. Click on the title of the course (e.g. ‘Disclosing and Managing Conflicts of Interest’) under ‘Enrolments’ heading
  11. Click ‘Play’ in top right corner
  12. Sign into LearnUpon using your UCL credentials
  13. Click ‘Start’ in the left-hand ‘Details’ box
  14. Click ‘Start’ (with arrow) in top right corner of the screen
  15. Click ‘Start’ in centre of page