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Scarlett Baron

Education and Experience

Scarlett Baron took her B.A. (2003), M.St. (2005), and D.Phil. (2008) at Christ Church, Oxford.

She was affiliated to the École Normale Supérieure and the Institut des Textes et Manuscrits Modernes in Paris in 2006, and spent two months as a Scholar of the Zurich James Joyce Foundation in 2007.

She was a Research Fellow at Magdalen College, Oxford, from 2008 to 2011.

She joined UCL as a Teaching Fellow in 2011, assuming the role of Lecturer in 2012 and Associate Professor in 2018.

She is a member of the Advisory Board of the James Joyce Quarterly and a Trustee of the International James Joyce Foundation.

Research Interests

Scarlett’s principal research interests are in modernist and postmodernist literature in English and French (usually considered from a comparative perspective), and in the history of critical theory.

Her first book, ‘Strandentwining Cable’: Joyce, Flaubert, and Intertextuality, analyzes Joyce’s intertextual engagement with Flaubert over the entire course of his writing career and argues that these two authors together played a key role in the emergence of intertextual theory.

Scarlett's second book, The Birth of Intertextuality: The Riddle of Creativity, articulates an understanding of the notion founded on its prehistory in texts of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The book traces intertextual theory’s core ideas and emblematic images to their antecedents in the writings of (inter alia) Nietzsche, Darwin, Freud, Saussure, and Bakhtin. 


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  2. The Birth of Intertextuality: The Riddle of Creativity (New York: Routledge, 2019).

The Birth of Intertextuality

Strandentwining Cable: Joyce, Flaubert, and Intertextuality

Modernism and Non-Translation


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Reviews and Occasional Pieces

BBC Two 

1. 'James Joyce Goes to China', occasional talking head, 23 July 2016.  

BBC Radio 4

1. A Walk of One's Own: Sussex, in conversation with Alexandra Harris, 1 September and 3 December 2015.


1. James Joyce - Big in China, 13 June 2015.

Review 31

  1. 'Dissidence, Compromise and Submission in Higher Education Today', 10 July 2015; republished in Moveable Type, Autumn 2016.

Oxonian Review

  1. ‘Making Visible’ (a review of the Paul Klee exhibition at Tate Modern), issue 23, no 3, 11 November 2013.
  2. Through a Glass, Disney’ (a review of The Perfect American, by Philip Glass), issue 22, no. 5, 24 June 2013.
  3. ‘Argosies of Magic Sails’ (a review of Falling Upwards by Richard Holmes), issue 22, no. 4, 10 June 2013.
  4. ‘Balloons for Ballast’ (a review of Levels of Life by Julian Barnes), issue 22, no. 3, 24 May 2013. 
  5. An Interview with Alan Hollinghurst, issue 19, no. 4, 4 June 2012.
  6. ‘An Interview with David Nicholls’, issue 16, no. 1, May 2011.
  7. ‘Point and Counterpoint’ (a review of The Still Point by Amy Sackville), issue 15, no. 3, February 2011.
  8. ‘Ulysses and Me’ (a review of Ulysses and Us by Declan Kiberd), issue 9, no. 7, June 2009.
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  11. ‘Same again from Martin Amis’ (a review House of Meetings by Martin Amis), issue 6, no. 2, Spring 2007.
  12. See more from the Oxonian Review here.

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Other Publications

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