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Dr Natalie Jones

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Natalie Jones

Education and Experience 

Natalie Jones is a graduate of the University of Leicester, completing her undergraduate degree in 2005 (BA Hons English) before specialising in Medieval Literature at postgraduate level.  She was awarded AHRC funding to complete an MA in English Literary Research in 2006. She then completed a Ph.D (also AHRC funded), which was awarded in 2011.

Natalie began teaching at the University of Leicester, where she taught a range of courses on Old and Middle English language and literature, as well as the History of the Language.  In 2011 she was appointed as a Teaching Associate in Medieval Language and Literature in the School of English at the University of Nottingham.  She joined UCL as a Teaching Fellow in Medieval English Literature in 2012 and was appointed as a lecturer in 2013.

Research Interests

Natalie's research interests lie in Middle English language and literature.  She is particularly interested in the related areas of Middle English poetry, medieval theology and iconology.  Due to her sustained engagement with iconography, Natalie's research places a strong emphasis on interdisciplinarity and the relationship between text and image throughout the medieval period.  She also has a keen interest in the patristic sources of Old and Middle English literature. 

Natalie is currently completing her first monograph.  This work, which builds on her doctoral research, examines the influence of Christological doctrine and iconography as it develops in a selection of Middle English lyrics from the Synod of Durham (c. 1215) to the first Act of Supremacy (1534).  In addition to shedding new light on the theological and iconographic complexity of this selection of poems, the work will explore the afterlife of the lyric corpus, considering the development of the religious poetic tradition into the seventeenth century.  To date, Natalie has presented aspects of this research project at a number of conferences and research seminars. 

Natalie has also written on the Middle English carols and the Old English poem, Christ III, in addition to reviews published in a number of journals, including Peer English and Church History and Religious Culture.


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