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Dr Conor Wilcox-Mahon

Email: c.wilcox-mahon@ucl.ac.uk

External Phone: 020 76793125
Internal Phone: 33125
Office: Foster Court 203


Education and Experience 

Dr Conor Wilcox-Mahon studied for his BA in English Language and Literature at St John’s College Oxford, and completed his MPhil and PhD in English at Cambridge at Queens’ College and Corpus Christi College respectively. He returned to teach at St John’s Oxford as a Stipendiary Lecturer, and was subsequently a Teaching Fellow in Shakespeare and Early Modern Literature at Durham University.

Research Interests

Conor works on Renaissance literature, especially its episodic and narrative fiction: his PhD focused on themes of rest and pause Edmund Spenser’s epic romance poem The Faerie Queene. More broadly, his major thematic interests are in early modern and classical poetics; the social history of time; hermeneutic and narratological theory; textual materiality and the material Renaissance. Beyond Spenser, he is particularly interested in Shakespeare, Philip Sidney, Walter Raleigh, Samuel Daniel, Michael Drayton, and Mary Wroth; with further auxiliary interests in John Milton, John Dryden, and Samuel Richardson.

Articles and Chapters in Books

 ‘Coursers and Courses in The Faerie Queene’, in Spenser and Animal Life, ed. by Abigail Shinn and Rachel Stenner (Palgrave: forthcoming)

‘Course/ Redispourse: Narrative Fluid Dynamics in The Faerie Queene’, part of ‘Spenserian Futures’, Spenser Review 50.3 (Fall 2020)


‘William A. Oram, Andrew Escobedo, and Susannah Brietz Monta, eds., Spenser Studies: A Renaissance Poetry Annual’, Spenser Review 50.1 (Winter 2020)