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Dr Amy Faulkner



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Photograph of Amy Faulkner

Education and Experience 

Amy received her BA in English Language and Literature from Christ Church College, Oxford (2013). She went on to study an MA in Viking and Anglo-Saxon Studies at the University of Nottingham (2014-15), and returned to Oxford for her DPhil in English (awarded 2019). This doctoral research was funded by the AHRC.

Since finishing her DPhil, Amy has taught Old and Middle English literature in a number of different institutions, including Magdalen College, Oxford, the University of Cambridge and Royal Holloway, University of London.

Research Interests

Amy’s research explores the group of Old English prose translations traditionally associated with Alfred the Great: the Old English Pastoral Care, Boethius, Soliloquies and Prose Psalms. She is currently preparing her first monograph, Transforming Wealth in Old English Literature: From Beowulf to Alfred. Building on her doctoral research, this study will investigate the interaction of material and immaterial riches in Old English poetry and the translations attributed to Alfred. She is also working on a project which will consider interiority and introspection in the Alfredian translations and Old English wisdom literature.


Transforming Wealth in Old English Literature: From Beowulf to Alfred (Cambridge: Brewer, forthcoming).

Seeking within the Self in The Metres of BoethiusAnglo-Saxon England 48 (forthcoming, 2022).

‘Treasure and the Life Course in the Genealogical Sections of Genesis A’, in Early Medieval English Life Courses: Cultural-Historical Perspectives, ed. Thijs Porck and Harriet Soper (Leiden: Brill, 2022), pp. 229-50.

'Death and Treasure in Exodus and Beowulf’, English Studies 101 (2020), 785-801.

‘The Mind in the Old English Prose Psalms’, The Review of English Studies 70 (2019), 597-617.

‘Royal Authority in the Biblical Quotations of the Old English Pastoral Care’, Neophilologus 102 (2018), 125-40.