The Verb Phrase in English:

Investigating recent language change with corpora

Edited by: Bas Aarts, Joanne Close, Geoffrey Leech and Sean Wallis
Published by Cambridge University Press, February 2013.
Hardback: ISBN 9781107016354


  Notes on Contributors
1. Introduction
- Bas Aarts, Jo Close, Geoff Leech and Sean Wallis
2. Choices over time: methodological issues in current change
- Bas Aarts, Jo Close and Sean Wallis
3. Recent shifts with three nonfinite verbal complements in English: Data from the 100 million word TIME Corpus (1920s-2000s)
- Mark Davies
4. Verb structures in twentieth-century British English
- Nicholas Smith and Geoffrey Leech
5. Nominalizing the verb phrase in academic research writing
- Douglas Biber and Bethany Grey
6. The verb phrase in contemporary Canadian English
- Sali Tagliamonte
7. Recent change and grammaticalization
- Manfred Krug and Ole Schützler
8. The progressive verb in modern American English
- Magnus Levin
9. I was just reading this article - on the expression of recentness and the English past progressive
- Alexander Bergs, Meike Pfaff and Thomas Hoffmann
10. Bare infinitival complements in present-day English
- Marcus Callies
11. Operator and Negative Contraction in Spoken British English: A Change in Progress
- José Ramón Varela Pérez
12. The development of comment clauses
- Gunther Kaltenböck
13. The perfect in spoken British English
- Jill Bowie, Sean Wallis and Bas Aarts
14. Changes in the verb phrase in legal English
- Christopher Williams
15. Modals and semi-modals of obligation in American English
- Stig Johannson

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