UCL Engineering


Important information for school groups

To ensure your visit goes to plan, we recommend reading, actioning and printing this page before you visit.


  • All under 16s must be attending with an adult who understands the nature of the festival and activities and ensures the minor/s are supervised at all times.
  • Teachers responsible for students must ensure appropriate staff-to-student ratios and have an easy way to identify those from their school (eg, labelled hi-vis jacket/sash).
  • School staff are also responsible for the behaviour management of the students in their care and should have a way to check attendees are present (eg, headcount and register) at all times.

Before your visit

Essential items to bring

  • Please advise your students to bring sun cream in case the weather is hot and a coat or jacket in case it rains. You can never be sure about the English weather!
  • Please also ensure all students bring a water bottle. There are water fountains across the campus buildings and you can use the app/ ask staff to identify the nearest locations.
  • If your visit includes visiting any of our pre-bookable lab visits, please make sure your group wear appropriate clothing, including comfortable (no open-toe/open-heel) shoes.
  • Food outlets will be available, however, where not using local facilities, schools should ensure students bring packed lunches with them on the day.
  • We would recommend that teachers and carers download the UCL Go app to access all the information needed for the Festival, including the programme of events and locations.


  • The safety and well-being of all children and young people attending our programmes is our priority. All UCL staff and students working on programmes are responsible for safeguarding. We believe all the children and young people we work with have the right to be treated equally and with respect, regardless of their background or personal circumstances. Our programmes support primary and secondary school children, parents, carers, teachers, mature students, and current UCL students. Some specific groups we work with, such as disabled young people, may have additional safeguarding needs.
  • Our programmes may take place in person, on the UCL campus or elsewhere, or online. Activities delivered in a school are covered by the school’s safeguarding procedures, and we comply with these as required.
  • For further details please read our full safeguarding policy here: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/widening-participation/sites/widening_participation/files/ucl_awpo_safeguarding_policy_and_procedures_may_23.pdf

Any questions?

During your visit


  • Upon arrival please check your group in at the Festival Information Point
  • Festival Information Points will be located near the main entrance and be easily identified on the relevant festival map.
  • Please inform Staff at the Festival Information Point immediately should any emergency arise.
  • Whilst we don’t recommend students bring any valuables to the festival, the information point is also where any lost and found property will be held.

Food and drink

  • Please make sure that you and your group stay hydrated throughout the day and make some time to eat lunch.
  • There are a variety of eating outlets on campus with a wide choice of options and there will be a number of additional food stalls available throughout the festival period.
  • Full details of food options on campus will be available in the UCL App. Of course there are also a wealth of places to eat in the wider areas surrounding our campus buildings.

Toilet Facilities

A range of toilet facilities, including wheelchair-accessible and gender-neutral, toilets are available across UCL’s campus buildings. Please contact us if you have any specific requirements and refer to the Festival app/map, or ask a member of staff for details on the day.


    UCL is committed to improving the accessibility of its estate, thereby providing an environment which supports equal access and inclusion to UCL and its wider community. The majority of our spaces have published Access Guides available through the UCL Go app or online. For further details or to check a space please visit: https://www.accessable.co.uk/organisations/ucl

    Health and Safety

    First-aid trained staff will be available across all Festival locations and days. In case of Emergency please let a member of staff know as soon as possible or call 020 7679 2222 (or UCL extension 222) before ringing 999. This allows our staff to direct the emergency services to the correct location. For details of the Festival of Engineering 2024 Risk Assessments please visit: www.ucl.ac.uk/engineering/risk-assessments