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Postgraduate taught

We offer a number of Masters programs in a variety of cutting-edge themes taught by world research leaders in their fields. If you want to continue your studies or renew your skills we have something for you. We use a variety of teaching methods in our courses with a big emphasis in practical labs. We also allow for flexible and part-time attendance so you can study whilst working.

How was your experience pursuing a masters at EEE?

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Graduate route - International students

PG bursary scheme for UCL alumni from low-income backgrounds

At postgraduate level, we offer a wide variety of masters programs in advanced topics.

Connected Systems

We offer 4 MScs in Communications and Connected systems: The MSc in Telecommunications which covers the breadth of all technical aspects of the Telecommunications world. Our MSc in Internet Engineering which focus on the technologies that enable the information superhighway. The MSc in Wireless and Optical Networks covers the fundamentals of communication systems. Finally, our MSc in Telecommunications with Business is a unique program that covers both technical and business aspects of the telecommunications ecosystem.

Integrated Machine Learning Systems

Machine learning is becoming a crucial area of how we develop information systems in all areas of our society. From autonomic cars, to medicine and entertainment. Our MSc in Integrated Machine Learning Systems takes a unique approach to Machine Learning by looking at the entire information pipeline from data acquisition, data analysis, and data processing.

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Many important areas of our lives in the next century are going to face exciting change driven by Nanotechnology. From healthcare to micro-electronics, nanotechnology is going to change the world in a dramatic way. Our MSc in Nanotechnology covers all the important aspects of the area with a unique approach to exploring the depth of knowledge required to success in this area.

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Career and Industry

Completing a Masters degree with EEE allows access to world-leading industries in the field of electronic engineering, be it through lectures, seminars, events, site visits or placements. As well as this, the career options available on completion of your chosen degree are diverse and – if you’re an international student – this experience is enhanced by access to the Graduate route.

Career Pathways

How does completing a Masters degree with us enhance career options? Check out what our alumni have to say’

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What are they doing now?

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We collaborate with world-leading industries across most of our Masters provision. During your time with EEE, you will gain an excellent understanding of applying theory to practice, in the form of guest lectures, invited seminars, site visits and placements as well as our world-renowned academic team bringing their own industry experience to the table.

Some of the industries you will be exposed to are: 


  • British Telecom
  • Huawei
  • Daimler
  • France Telecom
  • Ogilvy
  • Telefonica
  • Microsoft
  • IBM
  • Orange


Learn more from our alumni

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