UCL Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering


Continuing Professional Development and Flexible Study

Several of our MSc programmes are available on a part time or flexible basis and our extensive range of modules can be taken as short courses for personal or professional development.

Flexible Study

Several of our MSc programmes are available on a part time or flexible basis, designed to allow those working in industry to 'learn while they earn'.

In additional to full time options, the MSc Nanotechnology is also available on a part time basis of 2 years. The MSc Telecommunications with Business and the MSc Integrated Machine Learning Systems can both be taken on a part time basis as well as a flexible study option of 3 - 5 years.

The MSc Telecommunications (IGDP) programme is only available on a module / flexible basis to enable maximum flexibility for those working in industry.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

We offer expert led and up to date short courses in subjects including Radar Systems, IP Networks, Mobile Communications Systems and Telecommunications Business.

You can browse the CPD courses available and register online via the UCL Short Courses website.

Networks & Communication Fundamentals

ITN - Introduction to Telecommunications Networks - This intensive short course provides an introduction to, and wider perspective on, communication networks and their properties.

CSM - Communications Systems Modelling - This short course/CPD module aims to give you an in-depth understanding of the theories, techniques and tools to model, analyse and simulate today’s communications systems and networks.

BTC - Broadband Technologies & Components - This short course introduces you to the technologies involved in the design and construction of transport networks (wireless, copper and optical) and the applications areas in which they're used.


Wireless & Mobility

MCS - Mobile Communications Systems - A short course covering the fundamentals of mobile and wireless communication systems

WCP - Wireless Communications Principles - A short course covering the fundamentals of wireless communication systems, covering the principles associated with data transmission with a special emphasis on aspects concerning the physical layer and the medium-access control layer.

Internet & Services

IPN - Introduction to IP Networks -  This short course/CPD module introduces you to internet protocol (IP) networks and data networks in general.

NSM - Network & Services Management - This short course will introduce you to the principles, frameworks, technologies and protocols used for network and service management in both telecommunication and internet service provider (ISP) networks.

IOT - Internet of Things - This short course is designed to provide an introduction to the 'internet of things' (IoT) for postgraduate students with some background in electronic engineering (or related subjects)

SNS - Software for Network Services & Design - This hands-on  short course/CPD module will give you exposure to, and experience of, a range of software skills appropriate to communication engineering.

Business & Services

B1 - Strategy, Marketing and Product Management - This five-day short course/module will introduce you to macroeconomics, marketing, strategy and product management in the operation of telecommunications enterprises.

B2 - Finance and Business Environment - This five-day course will give you a highly intensive introduction to finance and financial techniques - the aim being to help you effectively manage projects and businesses within the capital-intensive ICT industry (information and communications technology)

B3 - Customer Service, Operations and Planning - This five-day course will provide a telecommunications business perspective on managing customers, and operating network services. It's aimed to anyone working, or seeking to work, in the industry.

B4 - Organisational Design, People Management and Innovation - This five-day course will address the principles of organisational design and the management of people as a resource within a set of effective processes. Its context is the modern global telecomms industry


TBE - Telecommunications Business Environment - This five-day course aims to give you an appreciation of the external environment in which a telecommunications business operates, as well as an understanding of how a company can successfully conduct business in this environment.

Optical Technologies

PSS - Photonic Sub-Systems - This short course covers the principles of photonic sub-systems including external optical modulators and optical amplifiers, both semiconductor and fibre.

APD - Advanced Photonic Devices - This short course will give you an in-depth understanding of the design, fabrication, operation and performance of advanced photonic devices for a variety of applications, including optical-fibre communications and solar power generation

OTN - Optical Transmission & Networks - This short course on optical systems will give you an advanced understanding of the physical layer of optical transmission systems and networks on different time, and length, scales.

RF Technologies

RFC - RF Circuits & Devices - This short course will give you a good grounding in a range of RF (radio frequency) devices including the fundamentals of device physics, RF circuits, system architectures and noise measurement techniques.

AP - Antennas & Propagation - This short course aims to give you a good grounding in: a range of antenna and array designs; methods used for their measurement; the principles of radiowave propagation

RS - Radar Systems - This short course/CPD module emphasises physical principles, modern radar systems and signal processing techniques (for both civilian and defence applications.

Machine Learning

MLS - I - Applied Machine Learning Systems I

MLS - II - Applied Machine Learning Systems II 

Security & Privacy

Emerging Topics in Integrated Machine Learning Systems