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Shunli He

Shunli He


Originally from Hengyang, China and getting her bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering and Technology from University of South China. Then studying in Beijing for three years where she got her master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Chinese Academy of Science and graduated with her master’s thesis on Prussian Blue Cathodes for Sodium-ion batteries. Shunli arrived in London in 2023 and is studying for her PhD at Department of Chemical Engineering, University College London.

Research Summary

Shunli focuses on the investigation of energy storage materials for Lithium-ion batteries & Sodium-ion Batteries at the Electrochemical Innovation Lab, particularly on the synthesis of Solid Electrolytes for anode-free Lithium batteries and study of its electrochemical performance. In order to observe, test, characterise and improve these materials, EIS, CV and other Electrochemical test, as well as the use of XRD, TEM, XPS, X-Ray Computed Tomography (at the micro and nano scale), and XAFS for crystallographic and structural information, in lab or synchrotron environment, will be used.


* Shunli H., Junmei Z., Xiaohui R. et al., Solvent-free mechanochemical synthesis of Na-rich Prussian white cathodes for high-performance Na-ion batteries, Chemical Engineering Journal, 428 (2022),131083.

* Xing S., YueFeng S. Shunli H. et al., A zero-strain Na-deficient NASICON-type Na2.8Mn0.4V1.0Ti0.6(PO4)3 cathode for wide-temperature rechargeable Na-ion batteries, J. Mater. Chem. A, 2023,11, 16860-16870

* Shunli He, Zibin Liang, Yuhao Wang et al. Application No.PCT/CN2022/101163[P]. (Delayed Disclosure)

* Shunli He, Zibin Liang, Yuhao Wang et al. Application No.PCT/CN2022/101168[P]. (Delayed Disclosure)

*Junmei Zhao, Shunli He, Huizhou Liu. “A Rhombohedral-Phase Prussian Blue Derivative, Preparation Method and Application.” CN112777611A.2021-05-1

*Junmei Zhao, Shunli He, Huizhou Liu. “A Kind of Prussian blue Derivative and Its Preparation Method and Application.” CN111029572A.2020-04-17.


The 3rd China Solid State Battery Technology Innovation and Industrialization Symposium and 2023 China Sodium Battery Technology Innovation and Industrialization Summit Forum. (Suzhou, China)