UCL Electrochemical Innovation Lab



UCell are a team of PhD students, researchers, academics and industrial partners based in the EIL. The team's aim is to bring future energy technologies into the present day by actively powering events around the country. UCell is also dedicated to engaging with the public; providing a unique opportunity for people to experience first-hand the technologies that will play a vital part in near-future energy production.



As part of our public engagement activities, UCell conducts demonstrations, revision sessions and energy discussions at schools and colleges. UCell also has an ambassadorial role for UCL, showcasing what it's like to study and research at UCL. Examples of recent events supported by UCell include:

  • UCL Hydrogen Festival
  • School demonstrations at ELUTec
  • TeenTech City event at the Copper Box in London's Olympic Park.
  • Fuel cell demonstration in 'Einstein's Garden' at GreenMan Festival (2011-2017)
  • Fuel cell demonstration at Brainchild Festival (2016-2017)
  • The 'Clean Green Charging Machine' at Glastonbury 2014
  • Guest lecture at UCLU Green Economy Society
  • Serving hot, hydrogen-powered apple juice at the UCL Christmas Switch-Off

"The UCell team have a great ability of communicating their research on fuel cells in an accessible, effortless and engaging manner to a diverse group of young audiences. Their passion and active engagement in Open Days, schools events and science fairs, provide children and young people with a unique experience which is both educational and entertaining."

Dr. Elpida Makrygianni, Engineering Education Officer, UCL Faculty of Engineering Sciences

UCell has received funding from the Public Engagement Unit (Step out, Train & Engage) multiple times, as well as from the Royal Academy of Engineering in 2014.

We have also been awarded a UC Sustainability Achievement Award ('Positive Impact on Society') by Green UCL in 2016.