Education Research Programme


Towards equity focused approaches to EdTech

Towards equity focused approaches to EdTech: a socio-technical perspective

Project description

Project Lead: 

Professor Rebecca Eynon  


1/12/2022 – 30/04/2025 (29 months)


 University of Oxford 

Research theme:  

  • the uses of technology in teaching and learning, in UK compulsory education

The four nation focus: 

  • UK and England

Project overview


This study has two aims:
1) to explore how EdTech is being used in secondary schools in England and examine the implications this has for educational and social equity
2) to engage with an array of stakeholders to change the way that the use of digital technologies in schools is thought about, promoted and designed in order to inform future equity focused approaches to EdTech. 


The study will conduct seven ethnographies in secondary schools in England to capture and explore the multi-faceted implications of the use of technology and the ways it can reinforce or reconfigure educational and social inequity. It will take a relational, socio-technical approach that that aims to unpack the implicit biases and values EdTech may encode and promote, alongside a richer understanding of how EdTech is actually used in the classroom, how it reconfigures pedagogical relationships, and how its use varies across different school contexts.   

Project partners


Partnership plans

The study will engage with social scientists, data scientists, Edtech companies, policy makers, teachers, students and the wider public across the UK. Partnerships with these stakeholder groups will be facilitated through the research in schools, a series of participatory futures workshops, the creation of open educational resources for data scientists and EdTech developers, and engagement with the project’s advisory board. 

  • Professor Rebecca Eynon, (PI)
  • Dr Laura Hakimi
  • other researchers TBA.