Education Research Programme


Rethinking teacher recruitment

Rethinking teacher recruitment: New approaches to attracting prospective STEM teachers.

Project description

Project Lead: 

Professor Robert Klassen


1/12/2022 – 30/11/2025 (36 months)


 University of York

Research theme:  

  • teaching and learning, with a focus on teachers and their recruitment, retention and professional development  

The four nation focus: 

  • England

Project overview


This project will build a better understanding of the attraction and recruitment of STEM undergraduates into initial teacher education (ITE) using innovative technologies. 


Advances in recruitment research point the way to new teacher recruitment interventions that harness methods from organisational psychology, organisational behaviour, and gamification research. We will test two proactive teacher recruitment technologies that have the potential to be effective, engaging, economical, and scalable, using
(a) online realistic job previews (RJPs), 
(b) and ‘persuasive’ teaching games.
The 3-year project includes three studies:
1) testing the efficacy of recruitment messages sent to prospective initial teacher education (ITE) applicants,
2) building and testing a 'persuasive game' to attract STEM undergraduates into ITE,
3) testing the longitudinal efficacy of two recruitment interventions aimed at STEM undergraduates. 

Project partners
  • UCET
  • Teach First
  • Engineering UK
  • STEM Learning
  • Association for Science Education
Partnership plans

We will be working closely with organisations with an interest in improving the flow of STEM undergraduates into teacher training, with support from UCET, Teach First, Engineering UK, National STEM Learning Centre, National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics, and the Association for Science Education. 


Professor Robert Klassen (University of York)
Dr Beng Huat See (Durham University)
Dr Hui Wang (Education University of Hong Kong)