Education Research Programme


Teaching for Digital Citizenship

22 May 2023

What is Digital Citizenship anyway? Where does it fit in the curriculum – is it Computer Science, or is it Citizenship & PSHE? Where does it sit in the wider life of the school, whether in the devices children bring into school, or the data systems that track their grades?

a number of children sit in a row in a dimly lit room, with a mechanical four legged robot in front of them. A screen is at the front of the room with an adult supervising their activities.

David Lundie held a Delphi conference, bringing togteher experts in the field in partnership with BERA. The event presented the results of the first phase of the project’s work, a survey of secondary school teachers across the UK, showing how they understand the main challenges facing young people in the digital world today, how and where they address them in the life of the school.

See the recording on the BERA website. (Membership required)

Photo by Alena Darmel: https://www.pexels.com/photo/students-using-laptop-inside-the-classroom-...