UCL Department of Economics


Topics in International Economics

PhD Skills Development Module, Term 2


This module offers an overview of several active areas of research in international trade. It introduces frontier topics, insights, and tools, with the goal of preparing PhD students to conduct independent cutting-edge research in the field, as well as in adjacent fields where ideas and techniques from international trade may be useful, such as urban and spatial economics, labor, development, IO, finance, and macro. 

The module will consist of 10 two-hour lectures. The preliminary set of topics includes:

  • Trade, FDI and financial frictions (Kalina Manova)
  • Global value chains and production networks (Kalina Manova)
  • Trade and labor markets (Gabriel Ulyssea)
  • Trade within countries and development (Gabriel Ulyssea)
  • Cities and development (Gabriel Ulyssea)
  • Spatial and general equilibrium spillovers (Kirill Borusyak)
  • The effects of trade on welfare and inequality (Kirill Borusyak)

Students from University of London universities other than UCL are welcome to register.


Lectures: TBA
Office hours: TBA


We strongly recommend that students take or audit EC532 “International Economics for Research Students” during Term 1 at the LSE. This module covers baseline models in international trade that provide useful foundations for the topics course at UCL. UCL students can easily register for EC532, and Daniella Harper can assist with the logistics.


No formal assessment is required for this skills development PhD module. In order to fully benefit from the module, students are strongly encouraged to complete all assigned reading and participate actively in class. Interested students are welcome to develop a 5-page project proposal that they could pursue as part of their dissertation and receive constructive feedback from the lecturers.

Reading List

Trade, FDI and financial frictions (Kalina Manova, 3 hours)
  • Foley, F. and K. Manova (2015). “International Trade, Multinational Activity, and Corporate Finance.” Annual Review of Economics 7: 119-46.
  • Manova, K. (2013). “Credit Constraints, Heterogeneous Firms and International Trade.” Review of Economic Studies 80: 711-44.
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  • Berthou, A., Chung, J.H., Manova, K. and C. Sandoz (2018). “Trade, Productivity and (Mis)allocation." CEPR Working Paper.
Global value chains and production networks (Kalina Manova, 3 hours)
  • Antràs, P. and D. Chor (2021). “Global Value Chains.” NBER Working Paper 28549.
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Trade and Labor Markets (Gabriel Ulyssea, 4 hours)
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Trade within countries and development (Gabriel Ulyssea, 2 hours)
  • Donaldson, Dave (2018). "Railroads of the Raj: Estimating the Impact of Transportation Infrastructure." American Economic Review 108: 899-934.
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Cities and development (Gabriel Ulyssea, 2 hours)
  • Ahlfeldt GM, Redding SJ, Sturm DM, Wolf N. (2015). “The Economics of Density: Evidence from the Berlin Wall.” Econometrica 83: 2127-89.
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Spatial and general equilibrium spillovers (Kirill Borusyak, 3 hours)
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Effects of trade on welfare and inequality (Kirill Borusyak, 3 hours)
  • Adão, R., Carrillo, P., Costinot, A., Donaldson, D. and Pomeranz, D. (2020). “Exports, Imports, and Earnings Inequality: Micro-Data and Macro-Lessons from Ecuador.” Mimeo.
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