UCL Department of Economics


Support for employers

If you are interested in employing a student to help you meet your business needs, then support is available to you from the department.

Information and advice available to you from the Placements Team:

  • the content of job advertisements;
  • salary expectations, with the minimum wage as a baseline expectation for all our placement students;
  • the process of recruiting placement students, including suitable timings and recruitment methods;
  • the student learning outcomes that the role needs to meet;
  • the responsibilities of offering a placement to a student including International students;
  • the UCL/Employer Placement Agreement;
  • Health and Safety requirements and
  • Supporting students working remotely.

We can advertise your paid opportunities to our students, and we are happy, as some employers have requested, to encourage a steady stream of placement students applying to similar roles each year.

Promoting your placement opportunity 

We can provide opportunities such as employer led sessions and workshops for you to promote your vacancies, market your brand at UCL Economics and help prepare students to secure a role with your organisation. We are happy for these sessions to be open to all our BSc Economics students, enabling you to discuss placement, summer, and graduate opportunities in one go to a captive audience. Employers leading these sessions generally spend some time talking about their organisation and opportunities and discuss a particular aspect of their work or recruitment process in more detail. Most employers design a workshop that encourages interaction with the students. Session topics can include:

  • What your organisation is looking for in the successful candidate
  • How you identify a suitable candidate through the recruitment process (tips for economics students on CVs, interviews, assessment centres)
  • Your own personal route into the labour market
  • An example project that you have worked on and how it connects to what you learned in your degree
  • The importance of a particular skill (eg, communication with different audiences, data analysis) to the work that you do

For further information or to discuss a potential session with our students please contact our Placement Coordinator, Nicky Lappage at nicky.lappage@ucl.ac.uk.