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Explore Econ: Previous Years

Check out the winners from 2015-2021!

2021 winners

Best Research Paper

Winner: Antara Roy

Antara won for her paper "Investigating the impact of the US-China trade war on US soybean farmers"

Watch: Video Presentation

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Runner-ups: Aditya Mori & Alessandro Guarnieri

For their paper "Synthetic Control Case Study: The Chilean Liberalisation"

Catch up with their presentation on YouTube.

Best Research Poster

Winner: Aadya Sharma and Kimberly Nyamushonongora

Watch: Video Presentation

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Runner-up: Victor Arribas Martinez and Gieun Cho

For the posters “Green Monetary Policy”  and "Have the policy measures to control the house price in Seoul shown their effectiveness?" respectively. 

Catch up with their videos on YouTube here and here.

Popular Vote – Paper

Winner: Xingzuo Zhou and Yichen Yu

Xingzuo and Yichen won Explore Econ’s most popular paper vote, out of a total of over 100 votes cast for their paper "Voter Turnout and Political Environment: A Case of United State"

Catch up with their video:

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Popular Vote – Poster

Winner: Yi Tay and Jun Ang

Out of over 300 votes cast, first year students Yi and Jun have been awarded the Most Popular Poster for their poster "Friend or Foe: Regional Trade Bloc Responses in Light of The COVID-19 Pandemic".

Watch Yi and Jun's presentation:

YouTube Widget Placeholderhttps://youtu.be/2EQXAcjpLZE


2015 winners
  • Best Paper: Victoria Monro (Arming Women with Credit)
  • Best Poster: Mateusz Stalinski (Nigeria - the economy of contrasts (A focus on economic factors for understanding political crises in Nigeria)) 
2016 winners
  • Best Paper: Fran Silavong (The Impact of House Prices on Fertility Decision and its Variation Based on Population Density)
  • Best Poster: Yanhan Cui and Danyun Zhou (Stagnation in Student Performance, Can Performance Related Pay be the Solution?)
2017 winners
  • Best Paper: Justin Franco Lam (Crave to Herd: How well do we interpret information under uncertainty?)
  • Best Poster: Nigel Lua and Agnieszka Madycka (Effect of Trade Liberalisation on the Degree of Poverty Alleviation: An Analysis Based on Vietnam's Textiles and Garments (T&G) Industry)
2018 winners
  • Best Paper: Wen Jie Koh (Wage Returns to Education and Skills: Effect of Job Routineness on Employer Learning Evidence Across Countries)
  • Best Poster: William Dallas and Dooho Shin (The Trump Effect on Climate Expectations)
2019 winners
  • Best Paper: Samuel Asher (Social identity and collective action in rebel armies)
  • Best Poster: Fangning Hu and Yao Tong (The effects of US-China Trade War on Income)

You can read the CTaLE blog post for highlights of the 2019 conference. 

2020 winners
  • Best Paper: Cezary Klimczuk (Letting the machines do the maths: An AI prediting cryptocurrency movements)
  • Best Poster: Shivam Gujral (Direct Benefit Transders: A way forward to transform the Indian Education system?)

You can read the CTaLE blog post for highlights of the 2020 conference.