UCL Department of Economics


Departmental Postgraduate Research Student Funds

The Department has a limited amount of money per year that can be awarded to Postgraduate  Research Students to assist with funding contributions to events and conferences or general research activity if relevant to programme of study. Please see guidance notes on eligibility and how to apply below.


  • A graduate student registered for an MPhil/PhD
  • With effect from April 2015 no more than two awards will be made to each applicant during their programme of study
  • Students with Completing Research Student status are only eligible for this fund providing they have not already received two awards 
  • A maximum of up to £500 will be considered per application

How to Apply:

  • Please fill in the ‘Departmental Request for Funds’ Form and send to Daniella Harper by the relevant deadline, as below
  • Your application will be reviewed within 2 weeks of the deadline and you will be notified of the department’s decision via e-mail. Please note that we cannot guarantee that funding will be provided

Estimating your costs & contributions:

  • When estimating your costs & contributions please give a full breakdown of all relevant estimated expenses, justifying your costs and providing quotations as appropriate. Please ensure your estimates are based on the most cost effective accommodation and fares. Details of UCL’s preferred travel provider can be found on the UCL Procurement website
  • Please ensure when booking air travel you book as far ahead as possible taking care to book the cheapest flights possible
  • Information on UCL’s travel insurance policies can be found on the UCL Finance website
  • Advantage should be taken of ‘Early Bird’ less expensive registration rates, wherever possible
  • Conference dinners and similar expenses will not be funded
  • If foreign currency is used, please state the exchange rate and convert the costs to pounds sterling
  • Please be as accurate as possible in estimating your projected expenses. Awards are given based on the estimated costs; however if the actual costs incurred are lower than those estimated, the award will be reduced accordingly


  • The department will review applications twice a year in February and September
  • Applications for review in February need to be sent to Daniella Harper no later than 31 January 
  • Applications for review in September need to be sent to Daniella Harper no later than 31 August 
  • In exceptional cases we will accept ‘emergency’ applications outside of these dates, however, please note that this will exclude you from applying to that years February and September round and that we cannot guarantee funding. Please e-mail Daniella Harper if you would like to apply for ‘emergency’ funding stating the nature of your request

Claiming an Award

  • If you are awarded funds, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and expenses form from Daniella Harper
  • Please remember to keep all receipts for expenses incurred
  • Please claim your award as follows:
  • Complete the expenses form with actual costs incurred. The items for which you claim should generally be the same as those listed on your original application. Please do not claim for items you have not listed on your application form unless special circumstances have arisen
  • Receipts for the total cost of expenses to be claimed should be attached to the expenses form
  • You should provide receipts for each item you have listed. Please staple together the receipts in the order you have listed them 
  • Please ensure you submit your expense claim  to the Finance Office, G20, Ground Floor, Drayton House,  within 3 months of incurring any costs, failure to do so may result in you not being able to claim the money back
  • Please allow approximately one month for payment to be made
  • If your actual costs are lower than your estimated costs, your award will be reduced accordingly