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COVID-19 Articles

Our world-leading academics give their insights into the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on economies.

The impact of COVID-19 on Ugandan firms: Evidence from recent surveys and policy actions for supporting private sector recovery | an International Growth Centre Policy Brief

by Anna Vitali,  Livia Alfonsi, Vittorio Bassi, Priya Manwaring, Peter NgategizeJohn Oryema, Miri Stryjan

April 2021

Inequalities in education, skills, and incomes in the UK: The implications of the COVID-19 pandemic | an Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS) Deaton Review Briefing Note

by Richard BlundellJonathan CribbSandra McNallyRoss WarwickXiaowei Xu

23 March 2021

Rethinking Economics | an International Monetary Fund (IMF) article

by Wendy Carlin and Samuel Bowles

1 March 2021

The impacts of COVID-19 on Health Visiting Services in England: FOI Evidence for the First Wave | University College London brief

by Gabriella Conti and Abigail Dow 

21 December 2020

The Geographic Impact of the Pandemic on Household Spending | an Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS) Briefing Note
by Imran RasulAlex DavenportRobert JoyceKate OgdenDavid PhillipsTom Waters

17 December 2020

Spending and Saving During the COVID-19 Crisis: Evidence from Bank Account Data | an IFS Briefing Note by Imran RasulAlex DavenportRobert JoyceTom Waters

29 October 2020

The impacts of COVID-19 on Health Visiting in England | a policy brief by Gabriella Conti and Abigail Dow

25 September 2020

Income Protection Policy During COVID-19: Evidence from Bank Account Data | an IFS Briefing Note by Imran RasulIsaac DelestreRobert JoyceTom Waters

10 September 2020

How does lockdown affect firms in developing countries? | an Economics Observatory article by Pierre BachasAnne Brockmeyer and Camille Semelet

8 September 2020

Who Complies with Social Distancing Measures in the Pandemic? | an Economics Observatory Article by Imran Rasul and Paola Giuliano

20 August 2020

Economic policy under the pandemic: A European perspective | a Vox EU column by John Hassler, Per Krusell, Morten Ravn and Kjetil Storesletten

7 July 2020

Parental involvement in home schooling and developmental play during lockdown | a Centre for Longitudinal Studies brief by Gabriella ContiAase Villadsen and Emla Fitzsimons

July 2020

The Effects of Coronavirus on Household Finances and Financial Distress | an IFS Briefing Note by Imran RasulPascale BourquinIsaac DelestreRobert JoyceTom Waters

29 June 2020

Compliance with Social Distancing During the COVID-19 Crisis | a Vox EU column by Imran Rasul and Paola Giuliano

18 June 2020

The Geography of the COVID-19 Crisis in England  | a Deaton Inequalities Review Paper by Imran RasulAlex DavenportChristine FarquharsonLuke Sibieta and George Stoye

15 June 2020

The Work of Economists During the Crisis: The EEA COVID-19 Research Registry Initiative | a Vox EU column by Imran Rasul and Giovanni Peri

1 June 2020

What Happens After the Lockdown Ends? Lessons from the 2015 Ebola Epidemic in Sierra Leone | an International Growth Centre (IGC) Blog Post by Imran Rasul

25 May 2020

Public Health Alerts in a Pandemic | a Wheeler Insitute for Business and Development blog by Imran Rasul 

8 May 2020


Supporting parents and children in the early years during (and after) the COVID-19 crisis | a Vox EU column by Gabriella Conti 

1 May 2020

Startups and employment following the COVID-19 pandemic: A calculator | a Vox EU column by Petr Sedláček and Vincent Sterk

25 April 2020

The coronavirus stimulus package: Quantifying the transfer multiplier | a Vox EU column by Christian Bayer, Benjamin Born, Ralph Luetticke and Gernot Müller

24 April 2020

Differences Between Key Workers | an IFS Briefing Note by Imran RasulChristine Farquharson and Luke Sibieta

23 April 2020

COVID-19 is resetting the way we talk about the economy | a Financial Times (FT) article by Wendy Carlin

22 April 2020

From Zika to COVID-19: Can we Learn Lessons Across Pandemics? | an IGC Blog Post by Imran Rasul

15 April 2020

The coming battle for the COVID-19 narrative | a Vox EU column by Samuel Bowles and Wendy Carlin

10 April 2020

Keeping Key Workers Working: The Role of Pre-School Childcare | an IFS Observation by Imran RasulChristine Farquharson and Luke Sibieta

2 April 2020

Key Workers: Key Facts and Questions | an IFS Observation by Imran RasulChristine Farquharson and Luke Sibieta

20 March 2020