UCL Department of Economics


Working Papers

Some recent working papers

  • "Incomplete English auction models with heterogeneity”, (2017) cemmap working paper CWP27/17 
  • "Identification of the Distribution of Valuations in an Incomplete Model of English Auctions", (2015) cemmap Working Paper CWP30/15
  • "Counterfactual Worlds", (2015) cemmap Working Paper CWP22/15
  • “Simultaneous Equations for Discrete Outcomes: Coherence, Completeness and Identification,” (2012) cemmap Working Paper CWP 21/12 (with A Rosen)
  • "Sharp Identified Sets for Discrete Variable IV Models," (2010), cemmap Working Paper CWP11/10. (with K Smolinski)
  •  “Identification in additive error models with discrete endogenous variables”, (2004), cemmap Working Paper CWP11/04.