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2023 First Year Challenge winners announced

15 November 2023

The winners of this year's First Year Challenge are the groups TUTF S2 and TUTO S1.

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Find out the winners and runners up of this year’s First Year Challenge below and catch up with their presentation videos on YouTube.



  • Irakli Imnaishvili
  • Anastasiia Tymko
  • Andy Liu
  • James Aberdour
  • Flora Zhan
  • Hana Sharifudin


YouTube Widget Placeholderhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMf9-UasFH0

  • Beatriz Silva
  • Jasmine Harding 
  • Ziyue Wang
  • Greta Carter
  • Juzheng Wang
  • Ranko Mizuno 

Runners Up


  • Ayush Balebail Dasannacharya
  • Jiayi Wang 
  • Siyuan Zeng 
  • Huuriya Ahmad Fadzil
  • Selin Abdik
  • Yike Li
  • Bryan Yeo Zong Rong
  • Rebecca Astaix-Vitman 

About the First Year Challenge 
The First Year Challenge is a multimedia assignment designed to introduce first year undergraduates to independent research and to academic collaboration. Small groups of students are assigned to specific locations in Central London. In their groups they are asked to produce a 3-minute multimedia clip which relates to their meeting point and the theme “Capitalism, Growth and Inequality”, which is discussed in Unit 1 of The Economy, the free online textbook produced by the CORE project.

The motivation behind the First Year Challenge was to introduce students to research-based education as a prelude to the empirically-focused education they would receive in their first year in the economics department. We also wanted to create bonding opportunities among our large cohort which included students from around the world and across the UK, and to highlight the diverse skills that this varied study body brings to the table.