UCL Department of Economics


BBVA Foundation Awards Prof. Richard Blundell Frontiers of Knowledge Award

17 February 2015

The BBVA Foundation has named UCL Professor Sir Richard Blundell as recipient of the 2015 Frontiers of Knowledge Award in Economics, Finance, and Management.

Professor Richard Blundell receives this award, together with Professor David Card from University of California at Berkeley, for contributions in empirical microeconomics and public policy. “Motivated by important empirical questions, they (and their various coauthors) developed and estimated appropriate econometric models, making significant methodological contributions in the process. Both Blundell and Card are known for their attention to institutional detail, careful and innovative research design, rigorous application of econometric tools, and dispassionate reporting of results.” Nobel Prizewinner Professor Eric Maskin of Harvard University, Chair of the Jury for the 2015 Award.

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