UCL Department of Economics


Wongkot Similan Rujiwattanapong

I am a macroeconomist with interests in the labour market and its dynamics. In my research, I focus on search and matching models with worker heterogeneity, the effects of unemployment insurance (UI) policy on the labour market in general equilibrium, and consumption-saving decisions. In my job market paper, I investigate the impact of UI extensions in the US on the incidence of long-term unemployment and on the unemployment duration. In my other research, I analyse the effects of UI extensions on the cyclical properties of the labour productivity, and, in a separate work, I study how workers smooth consumption amidst labour market shocks.

  • Macroeconomics
  • Labour Markets
  • Search and Matching
  • DSGE models with heterogeneous agents

Long-term Unemployment Dynamics and Unemployment Insurance Extensions


This paper investigates the impact of unemployment insurance (UI) extensions on the incidence of long-term unemployment and on the unemployment duration in the US. Using a search and matching model with endogenous separations, variable search intensity and on-the-job-search, I allow for the maximum UI duration to depend on unemployment rate and for UI benefits to depend on match quality during employment. The model can generate all the observed rise in the long-term unemployment and realistic dynamics of the unemployment duration distribution during the Great Recession. It, however, overestimates the long-term unemployment in some recessions and does not generate enough persistence. I show that reducing the maximum UI duration by 22 weeks lowers the unemployment rate by at most 1 percentage point during the Great Recession but it can reduce the long-term unemployment rate by up to 1.6 percentage point and the average unemployment duration by up to 14 weeks.

  • Prof Morten O. Ravn
  • Dr Vincent Sterk
  • Prof Fabien Postel-Vinay