UCL Department of Economics


Sandra Polania-Reyes

My research interests are in Experimental Economics and Applied Microeconomics in the context of Development Economics. In particular, I study how to promote prosocial behavior.

My job market paper examines the role of a Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) program in the ability to overcome coordination failures. I conducted and designed an artefactual field experiment and estimate a structural choice model of the individual decision to coordinate in a ‘Weak-link’ Coordination game, which highlights beliefs about others’ behavior as the main channel: high effort is only sustained under high beliefs. This result supports my coordination game as a reliable measure of the presence of a social norm.


  • Experimental Economics
  • Development Economics


  • Applied microeconometrics
  • Behavioral Economics
  • Microeconomics

      Prof. Syngjoo Choi – UCL, Seoul National University   
      Prof. Orazio Attanasio – UCL, IFS                                  

      Dissertation committee:
      Prof. Antonio Cabrales – UCL                                        
      Prof. Simon Gaecther – University of Nottingham         

      Other References
      Prof. Samuel Bowles – SantaFe Institute, University of Siena
      Prof. Juan Camilo Cardenas - University of Los Andes
      Prof. Luigi Luini ‘ University of Siena

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