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1. Student Staff and Learning Resources

Departmental Teaching Committee (Undergraduate)

Graduate Teaching Committee

Academic Staff & Teaching Staff

Teaching Assistants

Administrative Staff (including IT & Technical)




Ethnic breakdown

AHA-SHS data response form 2009-10

Increased marking loads


Economics Organisation chart

2. Quality Management and Enhancement Framework

2.1 Curriculum Planning and Design

Academic Manual

BSc Module list

BSc Handbook

MSc Programmes Module list

MRes/MPhil/PhD Module list

MRes/PHil/PhD Handbook

2.2. Learning, Teaching and Assessment

Academic Manual


Online Departmental database (see Viv)

Exam papers

DLTS 2009 - currently under review

2.3 Student Recruitment, Admission and Reception

Undergraduate Prospective Students

BSc Handbook

Economist's society

Drayton Weekly

UCL Transitions Programme

Graduate Admissions

MSc Economics Moodle page

ECONG105: Macroeconomics

ECONG106: Microeconomics

ECONG107: Econometrics

MRes/MPhil/PhD Funding

MSc Funding

UG Funding

2.4 Student Support and Guidance

Academic Manual

Counseling service

Student Health Centre

Advisors to Women Students

Rights and Advice Centre in the Student's Union

Faculty tutor

Dean of Students

Access to Learning Fund

UCL Timetable

Careers guidance

UCL Counseling service for Research Students

Research Student Supervision

Research Student Log Book

2.5 Staff Support and Development

Academic Manual

Job Opening in Economics

TA Job description

2.6 Academic Feedback Review Monitoring and Feedback Framework

Academic Manual

Departmental Teaching Committee (Undergraduate)

Graduate Teaching Committee

Departmental Meeting

Boards of Examiners


Course Evaluations 2010-2011 (Undergraduate) Term 1

Course Evaluations 2010-2011 (Undergraduate) Term 2

Results of the NSS discussed at the DTC

Undergraduate Staff Student Consultative Committee Minutes

Graduate Staff Student Consultative Committee Minutes

Round Table meeting reports

Faculty Teaching Committee

Faculty Board

2.7 Management and Organisational Framework

UCL Academic Manual

3. Report and Action Plan

Internal Quality Review 2011-12

Departmental Response to Internal Quality Review (IQR)