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Explore Econ

16 March 2016

Explore Econ conference

Organisers: Parama Chaudhury, Cloda Jenkins, Christian Spielmann & Frank Witte


Sponsored by UCL Economics


Location: UCL Events Marquee, The Quadand North Cloisters


UCL Economics hosts its second annual undergraduate research conference, Explore Econ, on March 16, 2016. This conference showcases independent work done by students in all three years of the undergraduate programme, much of it outside of the curriculum. First year students will be represented through the First Year Challenge, a multimedia project, and a small group of first year students will be making a film about economics under the auspices of Explore Econ. Among other highlights for this year are work shadow prizes sponsored by the Bank of England, DeutscheBank and the Competition and Markets Authority, and the presence of Sharon White as keynote speaker.

Panel Judges:

Janet Henry, Global Chief Economist, HSBC
Gill Hammond, Director of the Centre for Central Banking Studies, Bank of England
Adam Lyons, Economics Advisor, Europe Group, Department for International Development, (DfiD, UK Government)
Professor Stephen Smith, Deputy Head of Department of Economics, UCL

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13:15-13:55Registration and coffeeNorth Cloisters
13:55-14:00Welcome address by Prof Sir Richard BlundellEvents Marquee, Front Quad

Session 1 presentations: Testing Economic Theories

Session chair: Dr Marcos Vera Hernandez

  • Yihan Dong and Kin Fung: How does Tariff Reduction Affect Wages Across Countries? How Important is the Total Factor Productivity in Wage Determination
  • Mateusz Stalinski: Consequences of Incomplete Employment Contracts in a Laboratory Experiment
  • Sukhi Wei: Open Source: In Search of Cures for Neglected Tropical Diseases
  • Paul-Kimon Weissenberg: The Case for a Fiscal Union in the Eurozone
Events Marquee, Front Quad

First Year Challenge Presentations/Awards

Introduced by Dr Parama Chaudhury


Session 2 presentations: Policies and Interventions

Session chair: Prof Martin Cripps

  • Nareen Baktor Sing: Realising the Microfinance Dream: How Can Microfinance Really Help the Poor?
  • Daniel Sonnenstuhl: How much would you pay for Fair-Trade clothes?
  • Teresa Steininger: Can Early Childhood Intervention Programs be Successful on a Large Scale: Evidence from Head Start
  • Leonie Westhoff: Economic Costs of Mental Illness in the United Kingdom: The Case for Intervention
Events Marquee, Front Quad

Posters/Multimedia Presentations and Coffee Break

  • Amin Oueslati, Elliott Christensen an Liese Sandeman: India and Competitive Federalism
  • Wenhui Gao and Georgios Kotzamanis: How Has Syriza Affected the Greek Economy
  • Nathaniel Greenwold and Dmitry Pastukhov: Is the Islamic State an Eonomically Viable State?
  • Ali Merali and Ciprian Tudor: Is your degree worthless? An experiment
  • Delon Qiu: Is Deflation to Blame for Japan's Economic Woes?
  • Kristin Wende: An evaluation of economic policy in Germany from 1918 to 2016
  • Yanhan Cui and Danyun Zhou: Stagnation in Student Performance, Can Performance Related Pay be the Solution?
North Cloisters

Session 3 presentations: Dissertation Research

Session chair: Dr Valerie Lechene

  • You Lim: The Effect of Low Interest Rates on Household Expectation Formation in the U.S.
  • Robert Palasik: How to Reform Banking Governance?
  • Fanny Silavong: The Impact of House Prices on Fertility Decision and its Variation based on Population Density
  • Fangzhou Xu: How to Measure the Economic Impact of UCL’s Newham Campus on the Local Region
  • Fran Silavong: The impact of house prices on fertility decision and its variation based on population density
Events Marquee, Front Quad

Keynote speaker address

Events Marquee, Front Quad
18:30-20:00Prize-giving and receptionNorth Cloisters
Prize Sponsors

Competition and Markets Authority

Bank of England

Conference papers