UCL Department of Economics


ENTER Jamboree 2017

3 and 4 April 2017

University College London is pleased to be hosting the 2017 ENTER Jamboree

Programme: Monday 3 April 2017

09:20 - 09:55     Registration

Registration and refreshments will take place in the Roberts Building Foyer.

1-19, Torrington Pl, Bloomsbury, London WC1E 6BT

09:55 - 10:00      Welcome address

Proceed to the Sir Ambrose Fleming LT G06 for the welcome address and plenary sessions.

10:00 - 11:00     Plenary session

Sir Ambrose Flemming LT G06

Chair: Sten Nyberg (Stockholm U)

Raul Santaeulalia-Llopis (Barcelona)
Social insurance barriers to economic growth

Philip Verwimp (Brussels)
The political economy of school test scores

11:00 - 11:30     Coffee break

Refreshments will be served in the Roberts Foyer

11:30 - 12:50     Breakout session

Group A: G06


Group B: 110


Group C: 421

Search and information

Group D: G08


Chair: Ralph Luetticke (UCL) Chair: Vincent Sterk (UCL) Chair: Nikita Roketskiy (UCL) Chair: Paola Conconi (Brussels)
The macroeconomic consequences of bank capital requirements.
Pablo Garcia (Toulouse)
Discussant: Marco Luca Pinchetti (Brussels)
Labor market institutions and home-ownership. 
Andrea Camilli (Stockholm SSE)
Discussant: Sebastian Camarero Garcia (Mannheim)
Online search tracking and consumer privacy. 
Marcel Preuß (Mannheim)
Discussant: Richard Audoly (UCL)
The protectionism response to the China syndrome. 
Lorenzo Trimarchi (Brussels)
Discussant: Alexander Rohlf (Mannheim)
Firms’ precautionary savings and employment during a credit crisis. 
Davide Melcangi (UCL)
Discussant: Kasper Kragh-Sørensen (Stockholm U)
Underpricing regimes in housing markets. 
Anders Österling (Stockholm U)
Discussant: Tillmann Heidelk (Brussels)
Durables, lemons and shocks.
Ran Gu (UCL)
Discussant: Yihan Yan (Mannheim)
Role of export platforms in multinational demand risk diver- sification. 
Ekaterina Kazakova (Mannheim)
Discussant: Dorothee Hillrichs (Tilburg)
12:50 - 14:00     Lunch

Lunch will be served in the Roberts Foyer.

14:00 - 16:00     Breakout session
E: Employment and incomes, G06 F: Public economics, 110 G: Econometrics, 421
Chair: Francesc Obiols (Barcelona) Chair: Sebastian Findeisen (Mannheim) Chair: Martin Weidner (UCL)
Employment and earnings in worker-owned firms, Spain 2005- 2014.
Jose Garcia-Louzao (Barcelona)
Discussant: Daniel Salinas (Brussels)
Public good under appointed versus elected mayors: policing and crime in Belgium.
Andrea Colombo (Brussels)
Discussant: Thijs Brouwer (Tilburg)
LATE with mismeasured or misspecified treatment: an application on woman empowerment in India
Dennis Tommasi (Brussels)
Discussant: Hanno Foerster (Mannheim)
Unemployment and vacancy dynamics with imperfect financial markets.
Michael Graber (UCL)
Discussant: Ismael Gávez Iniesta (Madrid)
New joints: private providers and rising demand in the English National Health Service.
George Stoye (UCL)
Discussant: Junyi Peng (Madrid)
Asymptotic behavior of temporal aggregation in mixed-frequency datasets
Cleiton Guollo (Madrid)
Discussant: Renmin Zhang (Barcelona)
Poverty, income volatility and cognitive function: evidence from small retailers in Vietnam.
Julius Rüschenpöhler (Tilburg)
Discussant: Tingting Wu (Barcelona)
Employer screening, unemployment stigma and optimal unemployment insurance.
Tim Obermeier (Mannheim)
Discussant: Francesca Parodi (UCL)
A uniform-in-bandwidth bootstrap test for Bayesian-Nash equilibria in nonparametric discrete games
Elia Lapenta (Toulouse)
Discussant: Cristina Gualdani (UCL)
16:00 - 16:30     Coffee break

Refreshments will be served in the Roberts Foyer

16:30 - 17:30     Plenary session

Sir Ambrose Fleming LT G06

Chair: Boris van Leeuwen (Tilburg), 

Konrad Mierendorff (UCL)
Optimal sequential decisions with limited attention

Takuro Yamashita (Toulouse)
Optimal public information disclosure by mechanism designer

17:30     Meeting (student coordinators)

The meeting of the ENTER student coordinators will take place in G06 Sir Ambrose Fleming LT.

20:00     Conference Dinner

The conference dinner will take place at Ruby Blue.

1 Leicester Square Place, London, WC2H 7BP

Programme: Tuesday 4 April 2017

09:00 - 10:00     Plenary session

Sir Ambrose Flemming LT G06

Chair: Philippe Bontems (Toulouse)

Reyer Gerlagh (Tilburg)
Consistent climate policies

Ulrich Wagner (Mannheim)
Air quality and labor supply: evidence from social security data

10:00 - 10:30     Coffee break

Refreshments will be served in the Roberts Foyer

10:30 - 12:30     Breakout session
H: Corruption and favoritism, G06 I: Firms, G08 J: Labour, 421
Chair: Ian Preston (UCL) Chair: Martin Cripps (UCL) Chair: Andres Erosa (Madrid)
Access to power, political institutions and ethnic favoritism.
Augustine Tapsoba (Barcelona)
Discussant: Max Viskanic (Stockholm SSE)
Taxation and firm dynamics.
Beatriz González (Madrid)
Discussant: Friedrich Lucke (Toulouse)
Why are old Americans working more?
Alex Filatov (Barcelona)
Discussant: Markus Karlman (Stockholm U)
Fairness concerns and corrupt decisions: an experimental approach.
Natassia Leszczynka (Brussels)
Discussant: Manwei Liu (Tilburg)
Asymmetric firms and their willingness to compete.
Clemens Fiedler (Tilburg)
Discussant: Afrola Plaku (Brussels)
Can skill-biased technical change explain changes in returns to experience?
Tomás Rodríguez (Madrid)
Discussant: Shahir Safi (Barcelona)
Learn from thy neighbour: do voters associate corruption with political parties?
Arieda Muco (Stockholm SSE)
Discussant: Sreyashi Sen (Stockholm SSE)
Mafia spread in Northern Italy: exploring its impact on firms’ resource allocation.
Lavinia Piamontese (Barcelona)
Discussant: Matheus Bueno (Toulouse)
Labor supply in the future: who will work?
Jonna Olsson (Stockholm U)
Discussant: Francisco Javier Rodríguez Román (Madrid)
12:30 - 13:30     Lunch

Lunch will be served in the Roberts Foyer.

13:30 - 14:50     Breakout session
K: Spatial economics, G06 L: Family economics, G08 M: Games and networks, 421
Chair: Jan Eeckhout (UCL) Chair: Marcos Vera-Hernández (UCL) Chair: Nikita Roketskiy (UCL)
Vertical and horizontal cities: in which direction should cities grow?
Federico Curci (Madrid)
Discussant: Celia Ruiz (Toulouse)
Same-sex marriage legalization after registered partnership introduction: redundant or panacea for “The Seven-Year Itch”?
Shuai Chen (Tilburg)
Discussant: Minghai Mao (Madrid)
Complex incentives and asymmetric dynamic responses in a public goods game
Lenka Fiala (Tilburg)
Discussant: Sarah Lemaire (Toulouse)
Shocks, labor mobility and the spatial economy: evidence from a natural experiment
Simon Fuchs (Toulouse)
Discussant: Rory McGee (UCL)
Children or education or both? Fertility prospects and educational investment in China during the One-Child-Policy
Eva Raiber (Toulouse)
Discussant: Florence Nimoh (Barcelona)
Sequential collective search in networks
Niccolo Lomys (Mannheim)
Discussant: Amir Habibi (UCL)
14:50 - 15:20     Coffee break

Refreshments will be served in the Roberts Foyer

15:20 - 16:20     Plenary session

Sir Ambrose Fleming LT G06

Chair:  Richard Blundell (UCL)

Federica Romei (Stockholm SSE)
Aggregate demand externalities in a global liquidity trap

Felix Wellschmied (Madrid)
Wage risk, employment risk and the rise in wage inequality

16:20 - 17:20     Meeting (ENTER faculty)

The meeting of the ENTER faculty will take place in G08 Sir David Davies LT.

18:00     Faculty coordinator dinner