UCL Department of Economics


PhD Conference 2018

21 May 2018–29 May 2018, 9:00 am–5:00 pm

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Daniella Harper


Department of Economics, Drayton House

21st May 2018 – Room 321

10:30am:  Amir Habibi, “Pay Transparency in Organisations.”

11:50am:  Zanna Iscenko, “Choices of strictly dominated mortgage products by UK households.”

2:00pm:  Dongwoo Kim,  “Partially Identified Competing Risks Models: Applications to War on Cancer and Unemployment spells.”

2:40pm:  Guillermo Uriz-Uharte, “The Value of Firm Communication for Innovation and Productivity: Evidence from the Adoption of Communication Technologies."

22nd May 2018 – Room 321

09:40am:  Javier Bruges Rodriquez, “Public procurement, competition, and supply of pharmaceuticals in developing countries.”

11:00am:  Ruben Poblete Cazenave, "Crime, Punishment and Corruption: Do politicians in power receive special treatment in courts?” 

11:40am: Ravi Somani, “The Public-Private Wage Premium and Bureaucrat Selection.”

12:20pm:  Michele Giannola, “Peer Effects in Primary Education: Evidence from a Randomized Trial.”

2:00pm:  Carlo Galli, “Is Inflation Default? The Role of Information in Debt Crises.”

2:40pm: Manuel Estefan Alejandro Davila, “Female Empowerment and Divorce Decisions”.

3:20pm:  Yiming Xia, “The wage differentials between rural migrants and urban residents.”                       

23rd May 2018 – Room 321

09:20am: George Stoye, “The distribution of physician quality.”             

10:00am: Kate Smith,  “Soda Tax Design' (joint with Martin O'Connell).” 

10:40am:  Jonathan Cribb, “The effect of a longer working life on mobility and cognitive function.”

11:20am: Francesca Salvati, “Health shocks and the demand for health.”

12:00pm:  Peter Spittal, “Post-retirement labour supply.”

2:00pm:  Julen Ortiz De Zarate Pina, “Benefit salience and labour supply”.

4:40pm:  Marleen Marra, “Network effects and pricing in auction platforms with endogenous bidder and seller entry.”                               

24th May 2018 – Room 321

10:00am:  Seungcheol Lee, “The role of a macroprudential policy rule with heterogeneous households.”

10:40am:  Seungmoon Park, “Asset pricing with media effect.”                 

11:20am:  Chanwoo Kim, “Can missing generation explain missing deflation and missing inflation”?

2:40pm:  Thomas Pugh, “Staying in the top 1%: Mobility & the U.K. wealth distribution.”

3:20pm:  Jihyun Bae,  “Asset Market Participation, Liquidity, and Equity Premium.”

29th May 2018 – Note Room Change

10:40am (321):  Richard Audoly, “Self-Employment and Unemployment Risk”.

11:20am (321):  Barra Roantree, “Income taxes and the careers of women.”

12:00pm (321):  David Goll.

3:00pm (Room B06):  Gonzalo Paz Pardo, “Housing, portfolio choice and intergenerational distribution.”

3:40pm (Room B06): Rory McGee, “Housing, Heterogeneity and Retirement Savings.”