UCL Department of Economics


Economics Skills Lab

Economics Skills Lab: undergraduate, zero-credit, module.

  • ECON0094: Skills for research-led Learning in Economics for First Year students;
  • ECON0097: Economics Skills Lab for Second Year students;
  • ECON0012: Advanced Economics Skills Lab for Final Year Students.

Moodle: Economics Skills Lab

During your time at UCL, you can participate in Economics Skills Lab, a zero-credit module(s) that complements the BSc Economics curriculum. Skills Lab is formally comprised of three modules, one for each year group, but is taught holistically across all groups.

The aim of the module(s) is to enable you to develop skills required to:

  • do well in the degree;
  • be prepared to participate in Explore Econ, the department’s undergraduate conference;
  • work as a professional after graduation.

Skills covered include: researching the ideas of others; data analysis; economic writing; mathematical modelling; presentations and other skills for learning.

To find out more you should go to the Skills Lab Moodle page.

Who can take the module?

You can only register for one of the Skills Lab activities if you are taking an economics module run by the UCL Department of Economics for credit in the same year that you want to take Skills Lab.

All students on our L100, L101 and L102 programmes and our joint degrees will be automatically enrolled on the Moodle page and can participate straight away. If you are not in one of these degree programmes but you are registered for another module taught by the Department of Economics please email Silvia dal Bianco (s.dalbianco@ucl.ac.uk) and she will enrol you on the Moodle page manually.

You need to read all the materials on the Moodle page and sign-up for the workshops that you are interested in. You decide how many workshops you want to attend each year. You can tailor what you do to what interests you and areas where you think you could do with some extra help. Just watch out for a few restrictions based on what workshops you have already done and what year you are in.

You will have passed a ‘workshop’ if you attend the workshop and submit required pre-work or post-work to a suitable standard. On the Moodle page you can find details of how to ‘pass’ the whole module each year. If you do pass, the module will show up on your transcript.

Do not worry if you don’t do enough to formally pass the module for your year group. You can dip in to only a small group of workshops if you want to or even just make use of the resources on the Moodle page. Skills Lab is here to help you and it is up to you to use it as effectively as possible for your learning.

L102 - BSc Economics with a Placement Year

For second and final year students following the BSc Economics with a Placement programme (L102), ECON0097 and ECON0012 respectively, are compulsory. The modules will appear in your PORTICO registrations and you must engage by signing up for the workshops via the Skills Lab Moodle page.