UCL Department of Economics


ECON0108 - Econometrics


To familiarise students with the core concepts of microeconometric that are needed to pursue graduate research in economics. The course is compulsory for all MREs students, and the material is intended to be accessible to all such students, not just these intending to carry out research in microeconometric theory. 


By the end of the course, students should be aware of and understand the central concepts currently used by researchers in the area of microeconometric theory. Students should be better able to read journal articles in this area, and be able to build simple models for use in their own research.

Taught by:Andrew Chesher, Daniel Wilhelm, Martin Weider, Toru Kitawaga
Assessment:There will be 40 hours of lectures in total, with two hours per week for the two terms. There will also be 10 classes, where problem sets will be discussed. Assessment will be by two 2-hour written examinations at the end of each term (i.e., in December and May/June.
Suitable for: 
Prerequisites:You should be familiar with basic probability theory and statistics.
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