Eastman Dental Institute


Abdullah Alsoghier

Clinical Experience PhD candidate in Oral Medicine within the Clinical Research Department.


I am looking at the early detection and prevention of various disorders that affect oral cavity and maxillofacial area. I am also keen on patient-centred healthcare service and education which is the focus of my current research. I am sponsored by King Saud University based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia through Saudi Cultural Bureau in the UK.

I decided to join UCL Eastman Dental Institute for multiple reasons but mainly:

  1. to be involved in clinical research and experience with world-leading researchers and clinicians at UCL/UCLH;
  2. available learning and skills development opportunities among different faculties of UCL; and
  3.  personal recognition of pioneered UCL alumni in health academia and research.

Research at the Eastman is unique not only in terms of sophisticated and professional conduct but also toward the multi-cultural and friendly environment.

UCL Eastman provides exceptional and various programmes including continuing professional courses suited to the purpose. Professional tutoring, personal support, and legal services are accessible according to needs. In addition, UCL Eastman is effectively supporting student participation in the decision-making through staff-student consultation meetings, research students committee, and others. Social events and extra-curricular activities are available at the Eastman and UCLU.

After commencing my current programme , I am keen to go back to my home country to continue my career in clinical practice, research, and education of oral medicine the medical city of KSU.